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Very hydrating. Nice light fruity scent. Good lather.

Very shinny hydrated curls and 0 freeze if properly applied. I have thick curly hair like not 3b nor quite 3c, more like in between like if 3b and 3c had a baby, and thick. I’ve been in the search for a perfect leave in treatment and I finally found it. Everybody gave me compliments on my hair. The curls formed perfectly. Not hard not oily. I also went to the ocean the next day and the curl formed perfectly again. From the first use, it doesn’t feel like it dries out my hair like another honey like product did that also smelled like pancake syrup, that was a nightmare. Just make sure you apply the right amount of product and unlike the pancake syrup honey looking product, Rahua smells amazing!!!! Smells like… will not smell like it does in the jar, it’s just so subtle like a clean citrus smell. Also rated excellent 93/100 by Yuka. Can’t wait to try the other products I ordered, which by the way smell amazing too

Shower Gel

Great product!!

Love this product!!!

Absolutely love 💝

Hydration Shampoo
Lili (Birmingham, England, United Kingdom)
My hair is flawless now

I came across this brand about 10 years ago, a customer gifted me this particular bottle and it was amazing. I haven't tried it until few weeks ago when i decided to spend few pounds more for a quality product and oh my days! This shampoo is something else. I use conditioner first then i use twice the hydration shampoo. Every lock of my curly hair radiates health and vibrancy. I have never dyed my hair and some white hairs are popping up, but this shampoo covers everything

Voluminous Conditioner
Debby (Evesham, England, United Kingdom)
Voluminous Conditioner is excellent

Voluminous Conditioner is excellent. It doesn't weigh down hair that is fine, it's great on longer hair too and leaves hair shiny and soft.

Leave-In Treatment
Maria (Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland)
Good product

I am in LOVE with this leave in treatment! It hydrates and nourish hair very well. Also I love the smell of this product. I recommend!

Rahua is my favourite hair brand, they have clean ingredients products and not tested on animals ❤️

Heat Protectant Shield
Victoria J. (Baltimore, Maryland, United States)
Hair Type: Medium
Scalp: Oily
Best Heat Protectant

I have used so many different heat protectants throughout the years, but I have found my holy grail!! It smells amazing and does an even better job at protecting my hair from the heat! My hair feels and looks so much softer.

Best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. The smell is sub par and reminds me of licorice but I’m going to try and different one next time! Still HIGHLY recommend.

Omega 9 Hair Mask
Julia (Willmar, Minnesota, United States)
Hair Type: Fine
Scalp: Dry
Smells great and leaves hair soft.

I'm addicted to the scent of this hair mask, and it leaves my hair soft. I was worried it might leave my hair an oil slick, but you can really slather it on, and it has no problem rinsing out.

Enchanted Island™ Conditioner
Linda V. (St Louis, Missouri, United States)
Hair Type: Medium
Scalp: Balanced
Enchanted Island conditioner

Leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny!

Heat Protectant Shield
N.P. (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States)
Hair Type: Thick
Scalp: Flaky
Fabulous product

I love this product and the clean ingredients!

Scalp & Skin Toner Travel Size
Joanne W. (Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom)
Scalp and skin toner.

Does what it says. Very refreshing for both scalp and face, the aromas are so uplifting. Thank you.

Heat Protectant Shield Travel Size
Joanne W. (Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom)


Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Lori S. (Buffalo, New York, United States)
Hair Type: Fine
Scalp: Balanced
Love it!

I’ve been using the hydration shampoo and conditioner as well as the detangler and heat protectant. Love them all, my hair is soft but not limp and the heat protectant makes my hair shiny and smooth without weighing it down or make it look greasy.

Cream Wax
Peppi (Walton on Thames, England, United Kingdom)
Best haircare ever

I’ve been trying a million different natural haircare lines in the past 2 years and I’m so happy to say I have finally found the one! All natural shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, wax with out all the nasties. All the products smell amazing and leave my hair feeling soft and looking gorgeous and shiny. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Voluminous Conditioner Lush Pump

Love this conditioner! The pump works well & looks sleek in the shower with minimal branding

Voluminous Spray
Joyce M. (Shelton, Connecticut, United States)
Hair Type: Thick
Scalp: Dry
voluminous spray

I needed something for my hair in between washes and this is just what I needed. It works great and smells great also.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
J. (Mililani Town, Hawaii, United States)
Hair Type: Fine
Scalp: Balanced

Love this product! It detangles my hair well and definitely feels more hydrated than normal. It’s hard to tell if the UV is working, but I like that I’m using something to help. Will definitely purchase again!

Amazing product

Hydration Conditioner Travel Size
Elizabeth F. (Menifee, California, United States)
Hair Type: Thick
Scalp: Oily

I bought a travel-size to test out and I loved how it made my hair feel so soft. Did not leave my hair greasy at all. I have medium to thick hair, wavy.