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Control Cream Curl Styler
Carrie B. (Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, United States)
The best curl cream

Control cream curl styler is the best product it leaves my curls soft and separated not stiff very organic

Scalp & Skin Toner
A.C. (Omaha, Nebraska, United States)
Love your scalp!

The scalp toner has been a game changer for my angry scalp. It was itchy, oily and inflamed. Started using this after I wash and it’s so calm now.

Enchanted Island™ Body Glow Collection
Betti (North Miami, Florida, United States)
Love this collection

I’m so glad Rahua decided to make products for the body! The shower gel smells amazing & doesn’t dry out the skin, the cream & body glow serum are moisturizing & nourishing & again have lovely scents.

Hydration Conditioner Refill
ES (Rockville, Maryland, United States)
Hydration conditioner is the only thing I’ll use

This conditioner makes a huge difference in my hair. I've tried them all. When I rinse it out I rinse lightly, leaving just a bit in as a leave-in and it’s slippery, shiny and helps a lot with frizz. I have very dry, very curly hair that gets coarse and fly-away and there’s nothing better than this conditioner, honestly. I actually prefer this conditioner to their heavier conditioner, I found it be more moisturizing.

Voluminous Shampoo Lush Pump
Katie S. (Charleston, South Carolina, United States)
A happy find

I have thin, fine, limp hair and this shampoo and accompanying conditioner have been a very good fit for me. I feel like it makes my hair have better texture than normal. It almost eliminates frizz and most importantly doesn’t weigh it down at all. In fact I think when I don’t use any other products with it, my hair looks better. I am always worried about oil containing hair products bc oil causes my hair to separate and is just often not great for me. But this shampoo and conditioner is great in that regard and I end up with relatively bouncy hair which I normally do not have.

Angela J.L. (Ledyard Center, Connecticut, United States)
Love it.

I have recently added this product to my nightly routine and absolutely LOVE it. My ends feel smooth and hydrated with just a drop or two. A great investment I can tell will last a long time.

Legendary Amazon Oil™
Colin B. (Greenwich, Connecticut, United States)
Legendary for Good Reason

After looking for and trying different leave-in hair oils, I finally tried the Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil. I am very particular about all hair and body products, so I was skeptical. The Rahua Amazon Oil is everything I wanted and more. It gives my hair richness and density. I find myself using it almost every day. Very pleased with Amazon Oil and will continue using it.

Classic Lush Pump Set
Kimberly S. (Glendale, California, United States)

I love this set and am grateful for the larger size!

Palo Santo Oil Perfume
Stacey L. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States)
Best scent ever!

Everytime I wear the Palo Santo Oil Perfume I receive compliments…even from strangers! Love this product!

Enchanted Island™ Shampoo Sustainability Set
ByeongGyu C. (Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
It smells so good

It was so good to be able to shampoo with a refreshing scent when I used it before. It was impressive, so I ordered it again this time. Personally, I think it's the best among Rahua shampoos.

Voluminous Shampoo
Barbara S.G. (Portland, Oregon, United States)

I love Rahua, no question. Had to check some others out but IM BACK!

Color Full™ Travel Duo
Kathryn B. (Wausa, Nebraska, United States)
Color full shampoo and conditioner

I love this shampoo and conditioner. My scalp has never felt so healthy and my hair is so soft and shiny. The smell is lovely as well. Highly recommend.

Defining Hair Spray
Kathryn B. (Wausa, Nebraska, United States)
Defining hair spray

The hold is perfect, its strong and lasts all day. It has a lovely smell.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier
Maddy (Miami, Florida, United States)

I have super thin hair that gets extremely tangled after the shower. My hair no longer breaks, brushing does not hurt, and easily detangles with the the hydration detangler. I’ve recently switched all my hair products to RAHUA and my hair and scalp health has improved significantly. Their mission of preserving the rainforest along with the people and wildlife is something I love to be a part of. Their products are CLEAN and it’s AMAZING!

Fragrant Convenience

Finally, a moisturizer that is just the right consistency. I have elderly skin and oils take more patience to use than Body Glow, which gives me rich and fragrant convenience. I like it. Lady L

Quick itch fix wrinkle smoother

I have a 79-year-old scalp and hands, and this toner quickly resolves whatever is going on with my scalp in between using the heavier fix remedies. Hands show age and Skin Toner works to ease the wrinkles as I go out into public. It feels soothed and smells nice. Mix in a wee amount of Rahu moisturizer let soak in and you win over Father Time.

Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier Travel Size
Angela M. (Saratoga Springs, New York, United States)
Light scent and great detangler!

Just a few sprays works wonders to help detangle wet hair. Very light pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering. The spray itself is a light mist, not heavy, really the best detangler I’ve ever tried. Also appreciate the natural ingredients.

Leave-In Treatment Light
D.G. (Greenville, New Hampshire, United States)
Non greasy and bouncy

I normally stay away from leave in products bc I have fine hair. This took the frizz away and left my fine hair bouncy, shiny, and soft.

Voluminous Shampoo
D.G. (Greenville, New Hampshire, United States)
The best shampoo I have ever tried

It left my hair bouncy, shiny, and voluminous. My hair is fine and that’s difficult to achieve. This shampoo is amazing!

Hydration Shampoo
SUsanm V.R. (Port Orchard, Washington, United States)

I use this every day because i am outside with Horses for most of the day!

Just like the hair spray, this, this right here is the best gel! I stayed away from hair gels due to them making my hair dry and damaging it. But this gel is a must for me. It hold my military hairstyles and I can comb it out at the end of the day without any hassle or breakage! It’s a staple in my routine. Just wished they made a refile for this

Highly recommend this to all my military sisters!! I was on the hunt for a hairspray that didn’t have forever chemicals and this popped up. Not only can it hold a military bun all day but it gives your hair shine! It also doesn’t give helmet head (if you know, ya know). It’s super easy to brush through at the end of the day. This is my go too!!

Scalp & Skin Toner Travel Size
Jen H. (San Marcos, California, United States)

Love all the rahua products. They are the only thing that has ever actually tamed my hair.

Is the best shampoo buy direct to rahua com is the original I brought from the other website is real

Leaves me hair shiny