Unlock the Secrets to Breathtaking Curls with Lynette Lavia


In this exclusive interview, Lynette shares her top recommendations for caring for curls, addresses common concerns from customers, provides expert tips on embracing natural curls and unveils the magic of Rahua Enchanted Island™ Curl Butter. From product application techniques to finding the perfect shampoo, her insights will leave you with confidence in caring for your beautiful curls. Let’s uncover the secrets to beautiful, luscious curls with Lynette.

What are your top recommendations when caring for curls?
My top two (2) recommendations for taking care of curls are the below:
  1. Stay away from sulfates as they strip the hair of its moisture.
  2. Try to minimize heat – excessive heat is not good for curls. Allow hair to dry in its natural state.
What are the top 3 questions/concerns you get from customers in the salon about their curls?
The top three (3) questions customers have include:
  1. How do they get definition? For definition it’s all about using your hands! Also, this MUST be done when hair is sopping wet. So three things to keep in mind for definition are wet hair, making sections, and finger combing.
  2. How do they get their curls to last? Use a silk pillowcase or satin or silk bonnet. For those with hair past their shoulders tie up in a loose pineapple bun and place in the bonnet. The next morning spritz hair with a little water and a little conditioner to reactivate.
  3. How can they keep their curls hydrated?​​ I like to scrunch the end of my hair the next morning with conditioner to keep curls hydrated.
What are the most common challenges to maintaining healthy curls?
The most common challenge is the day-to-day maintenance. As you usually need to retouch the next day. Another challenge is finding the right tools and products that work for you – it’s all trial and error. The best tool you can use is a diffuser.
How can I go natural / embrace my natural curls?
In order to transition going natural – try on a day you have off/time. Switching hairstyles can be a shock to the hair’s system. This process is a journey, and you have to give it time. Again, it's all about trial and error and seeing what works for you and your curls. Curls have a memory and you have to bring It back – curls won’t just bounce back right away.
How and when/where do you apply products to curls?
Caring for your curls starts in the shower. Start by detangling and smoothing curls with conditioner. Next, apply products when hair is wet – coat the hair from mid-shaft to ends. 
What are your favorite Rahua products for curls?
My favorite Rahua product is the new Enchanted Island™ Vegan Curl ButterI love the VCB for thick hair and tight curls – it adds moisture back to the hair and prevents shrinkage. Another Rahua product I am a fan of is the Aloe Vera Hair Gel as it's great at helping set the curls.
How often should I shampoo my hair/what shampoo is best for different hair/scalp types?
Curl hair individuals should shampoo 1-2x a week.  If you have product build-up make sure to use a clarifying shampoo; for dry hair try to use a hydrating shampoo; and if you are oily reach for a clarifying shampoo and/or a regular sulfate free one. Those with 4A,B, or C hair types can benefit from the Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner from Rahua as they suffer from dry hair. Swavy texture (straight and wavy) can benefit from the Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner.  I also like to cocktail some of the products and if someone comes in with build-up I use the Voluminous Conditioner to clarify the scalp and then use the Hydration Conditioner to add moisture back to the hair.
What haircut is best for curls?
It depends on the curl pattern and what the client is looking for but any hairstyle can work!
Any other expert tips you would like to share?
Some other tips include using a microfiber towel, investing in a curly detangling brush (i.e Denman) (first detangle then use fingers to smooth out), and to help make the curls last put your hair in a pineapple bun and place in a silk bonnet overnight!
Lynette's expert insights and recommendations empower curly-haired individuals to confidently embrace and care for their natural curls, guiding them towards achieving beautiful and healthy results with the help of Rahua's Enchanted Island™ Curl Butter and other essential products and techniques. If you'd like to book an appointment with her, please reach out to Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City. 
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